The Difference Between Movies and Television

I’ve been so out of the loop with TV over the years, that I seemed to miss key iconic shows and characters that I keep hearing about. About a week ago, I got my Entourage cherry popped. The show, like most with a large following, seemed to start out with a few characters who have their own identifiable traits, which you’ll see grow as the plots unfold. Because the characters grow over time, I believe that people who devote time to shows on TV, knowingly enter a getting-to-know you relationship with the characters.

The first season of Entourage, which I am just now watching, only began to get interesting to me toward the end. I jumped ahead to Season 5 last night and found that gentle-minded E is now becoming more Ari-like, which gives me insight into him and Ari. Vince and Turtle seems to have gained some grown up confidence, and Drama seems the same. I guess I realize that the reason I like movies is because you have a smaller window to efficiently fully develop a character, versus television where there’s more time and plot to change them. Duh, right? In essence, I appreciate the carefulness and consistency that writers had to take in order to nurture the upbringing and chemistry of these characters.

The conclusion remains: I don’t watch TV shows because I just don’t have enough time to get to know new people. The drawback of this, is that I’m missing out on a piece of American pop culture and communication by not being exposed to shows of this popularity. Do you think though, that all of this is relevant to an aspiring screen writer? I somewhat think that I can be a closet television show writer, since I really love developing characters, but I’m also positive my ADD would disagree with the monotony of one project. You feeling me? Entourage has definitely bled into my television interest now and will keep me curious, but I realistically don’t know if I’m ready for any new relationships.

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